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Small Catalytic Oxidizer Success

A small catalytic oxidizer successfully passed its EPA test. The catalyst was old, and to ensure sufficient reactivity the set points had to be adjusted. Once this was done the unit performed better than it had for the past few years.

CO passes another EPA Test

A catalytic oxidizer successfully passed another EPA test. During the initial test run I found ductwork damage, which was causing a lot of issues with the tests. Once this was resolved the unit handled the three test runs with ease.

Another RTO Success Story

A 12-year old 5-tower RTO turned in a solid performance with a Destruction Rate Efficiency exceeding 99.5% during its final test. The unit averaged over 99.4% for all 3 tests thanks to RHZ Environmental's exceptional EPA test-preparation, extensive undertanding of the equipment and quick response time the day of the test.

RTO Shines during EPA Testing

A 23-year old 5-tower RTO excelled in its official EPA test after a troubling start. During the first test, two outputs failed on an 120VAC output card, resulting in the failure of two purge dampers to function properly. Even with this, the unit achieved a 98.987% Destruction Rate Efficiency. RHZ quickly found and fixed the problem. This involved wiring and programming. It took RHZ less than an hour to troubleshoot and correct the problem.

Engineering Tests on 5 Tower RTO

An engineering test is performed on a 5-tower RTO, and due to the results obtained (99.4% DRE), its combustion chamber set point was lowered by 25F. This will reduce gas consumption by over 0.214MCF/Hr. This may result in an annual savings that could easily exceed 1,340MCF.

New record for this RTO's Efficiency

An engineering test is performed on a 5-Tower Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and the results were outstanding. The final numbers reflected a 99.7% Destruction Rate Efficiency - the highest results ever obtained for the 13 year old system. Plant personnel were very pleased with RHZ Environmental's work.

Prep and Repair work on 5-Tower RTO

Over the Labor Day weekend, we prepped two 5-Tower Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for their upcoming Engineering and EPA tests. In addition to this work, internal repair work was performed on one of the 5-tower systems to repair holes found in the plenums and duct-work during a recent internal inspection.

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