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About RHZ

We are RHZ Environmental Controls

RHZ Environmental Controls provides industry-leading, highly competitive and cost-effective tools to customers who need their pollution abatement equipment to operate effectively and trouble-free. Your business counts on those systems operating correctly. Count on us to ensure that they do.

Our History

We can help you operate your pollution abatement equipment in ways that will save you money while improving your operational efficiency. RHZ was founded in 2006 by Russ Friend, who previously spent seven years working as a site supervisor and field engineer for a well-known firm in the industry, and Holly Oyster, an experienced HazMat material handling project manager and logistics expert. We specialize in assisting industry in the intelligent control and optimization of widely-used pollution abatement systems. Russ and Holly have built a company with a well-founded reputation for an extraordinary ability to coax higher efficiencies and shorter down-times out of well-used equipment. Personally, Russ is an experienced programmer of VFDs, burners, and analog controls and has a tremendous record of providing enhanced solutions to customers, utilizing standard equipment. RHZ Environmental Controls has a growing list of valued customers who find our services to be a responsive and reliable resource, especially when production schedules are at their tightest and extended down-times can be least tolerated.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Commissioning New & Used Equipment
  • EPA Testing
  • Inspections (Online & Offline)
  • Troubleshooting
  • PLC Programming
  • Utlity Analysis/Conservation
  • HMI configuration
  • System operation
  • Specializing in Allen-Bradley PLCs and HMI’s: Logix 5/500/5000, PB32/1400e, RSView 32, Factory Talk View Studio ME, etc...
  • Familiar with multiple plc/hmi applications: Automation Direct, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, EZTouch, etc...
  • Plumbing and Valves
  • Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic equipment
  • Test preparation inspection (for EPA testing)
  • Bake Outs
  • Wash-downs
  • Bottle-Up Shutdown - Reduces utility consumption by upwards of 20%. Test case saved client over $600,000 a year in utility consumption.
  • Maxon burners (Kinemax, Eclipse)
  • North American burners
  • VFDs: Siemens/Robicon, Allen-Bradley, Yaskawa
  • Utility usage optimization
  • Hart/Field Bus-compatible device programming
  • Here's a list of some of the company brands with which we have expertise:
    • Durr
    • Met-Pro
    • Anguil
    • Gulf Coast
    • Eisenmann
    • Adwest
    • Ceco
    • Ship & Shore
    • Reeco
    • Salem/Salem Englehard/Englehard
    • Atea-WK
    • Smith RTO
    • PCC (Process Combustion Corporation)
    • John Zink (and various Flare manufacturers)

We are locally owned and operated. Give us a call any time you have questions on how to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your expensive pollution abatement systems.