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Onsite InspectionInspections and Maintenance operations on RTOs, Concentrators, and Catalytic Oxidizers RHZ provides both online and offline inspections. We work to ensure the proper operation of the equipment, and to identify any maintenance issues that could potentially lead to down-time in the future. We use a variety of state-of-the-art test equipment to analyze your systems.
With these, we can either verify a clean bill of health, or diagnose where you may have potential maintenance problems in the future, or even better, how to modify the operation of your systems to improve their efficiency and lifespan. These include a Fluke thermal camera, a Bacharach combustion analyzer, a Vitec vibration analyzer, and a TSI anemometer for flow measurements.

Spot temperature readings with a thermal camera

It is typical to have quarterly online inspections, semi-annual offline inspections, and annual internal inspections. Whether it's a rotary valve regenerative thermal oxidizer, a standard tower based RTO, a small catalytic oxidizer, or a concentrator, RHZ Environmental Services can help.