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Bake-outs and Wash downs

When the ceramic media plugs on a regenerative thermal oxidizer, or a catalytic oxidizer, face velocities increase, differential pressure across the beds go up, thermal efficiency drops, and this leads to an increase in gas consumption. This can increase your utility consumption by more than 150%. Bake-outs and wash downs are two ways to clean the media by removing the particulate build-up that is adversely affecting the efficient operation of the equipment. Bake outs can even be performed while the unit is online.

Bake-Out Services

Standard Bake-out Service A controlled heating of specific sections of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). The purpose of this is to destroy any built-up organics in the system. Primarily this build-up occurs on the cold-face and lower sections of the RTO block. Automated Bake-out The other alternative to a standard bake-out is an Automated Bake-out. If you choose the ABO option, RHZ will program a safe and efficient bake-out that runs automatically. Program logic runs the operation while at the same time monitoring critical system parameters, such as the cold-face temperature. The application can also control valve movements should the cold face temperature rise to an unacceptable level. Automated Bake-out can even be designed for use during production. This fully automated operation helps preserve the condition of the hardware while simultaneously maximizing the efficiency of the bake-out.