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Another Year: Another Record

The First VAM Site in the United States

Keeping equipment properly maintained is crucial to maintaining online operation. This is especially true of remote sites, where an unplanned shutdown has a far greater impact on a company's bottom line. For the past 27 months RHZ has been setting records, generating an average of 270,000 offsets annually. The keys are simple: Planning and Responsiveness 

Planning is Crucial. Paying careful attention to the schedules of multiple contractors and distributors, and coordinating everything results in a minimum of downtime. 

Responsiveness is a must. Regardless of how much detail goes into planning, unforeseen events will occur, whether it's a storm disrupting power, or a cylinder reaching its EOL. Being able to quickly respond is what elevates a company to the next level. It is why we're setting records month after month, and year after year. 

This attention to detail is what defines us.