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Consulting Services

RHZ Environmental Controls provides a variety of consulting services related to RTO and concentrators.

Utility Cost Analysis

We specialize in helping our clients minimize utility costs while optimizing the operation of their pollution abatement systems. We saved one client close to 1 million dollars a year in utility costs alone.

Control Improvements

We can tailor your equipment to satisfy your needs while reducing your costs

Specialized Software Applications

Customized applications to accomplish particular goals, such as:
Minimizing Downtime — Software to quickly and safely bring equipment back online.. When 1 minute of lost production can cost $500, or more, getting the unit back online safely as fast as possible is critical.
Minimizing Utility Costs — Project Lean is our umbrella program. We offer a variety of programs that we have custom developed specifically for application in pollution abatement situations. These have proven highly successful in controlling utility consumption. They have already saved clients over a million dollars a year in utility consumption. How much can we save you?

Alarm Notification / Alarm Criteria Customization

We can help modify or update your alarm notifications, thus helping you keep abreast of the condition of your units. Again, this will help you to avoid down-time caused by unforeseen problems.