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Do You Have an Obsolete PLC System?

Are you looking for the most cost effective and efficient way to upgrade?

Allen Bradley PLC2

Upgrading your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to a modern system can be overwhelming and expensive.  There are so many steps to take into account, and no transition is without its unforseen complications.  Whom do you trust to give you reliable informatio and ensure you have the least amount of down-time possible?  What system is right for you?  Are there options that would improve production and prove cost-effective in the long term, or are these bells and whistles just icing that would be wasted expenses in the long run?

Are you up to date on what systems are being discontinued by automation manufacturers?  Allen Bradley routinely posts life-cycle updates for their products, but finding out which one you have and what it's life-cycle status is can be confusing and difficult unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

We at RHZ have the experience you need  - commissioning new systems, upgrading existing PLCs for added sources or changed production practices; maintenance and custom programming to improve performance; optimization of existing programs to simplify operation or address known bugs; upgrades of complete PLC systems to modern hardware including turn-key programming solutions for your whole system, custom built for your needs.

Do you have an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 processor that is slated for discontinuation?  How about a PLC 5 system, already years past its obselescence?  Are parts hard to find, and of questionable quality when you do find them?  Perhaps your personnel are interacting and controlling your PLC using an old 1400E-series HMI.  These systems are a drain on your company's bottom line because:

  • Replacement parts are difficult to find and expensive
  • No new parts are being manufacturered, so you are forced to purchase refurbished and used parts
  • Used parts rarely have warrenties - if that part you just paid for fails after 2 weeks of production, your company is now out that investment
  • Due to cost and difficulty of acquiring parts, few companies keep spares.  That leads to unexpected failures and down time while tracking down replacements
  • Finding contractors experienced with older systems can be difficult and expensive

RHZ has experience in total PLC migrations, as well as routine programming and maintenance.  We can assist you with selecting and customizing a new automation system designed for your specific needs.  We have established relationships with all of the following OEMs:

  • Allen Bradley
    • PLC 5 Series
    • SLC Series
    • CompactLogix
    • ControlLogix
    • HMIs from 1400E through Factory Talk View Studio ME/SE
    • Factory Talk History and Vantage Point reporting systems
  • Automation Direct
  • GE Automation
  • Mitsubishi Automation
  • EZ Touch Automation

Contact us today to begin discussing  your automation needs.  Don't let those ancient systems cripple your production and destroy your company's productivity.  Automation is supposed to help make your company more efficient and profitable, not create headaches.

RHZ Environmental: We Are The Future of Automation Controls.