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Ground Conduit in Freezing Conditions

Two months of temperature variations in Alliance, OHDuring the last several years, we've had a historically cold and changeable weather environment during North American winters. We at RHZ have started to see some equipment issues caused as a result. If you are encountering intermittent electrical problems with any of your exterior equipment, keep in mind that underground conduit may be compromised by a changing frost line. It has been helpful for us and our customers to consider this when troubleshooting these types of issues. Since we have previously had several years of fairly benign winters, it sometimes doesn't occur to our customers that the depth of the frost line can be impacted when the weather is as dynamic and extreme as we've seen in recent months. Not considering these buried conduits has the potential for a lot of time and money to be wasted in chasing red herrings, such as suspecting expensive equipment to be faulty when in actuality the wiring could be the cause.