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RTO Shines during EPA Testing

A 23-year old 5-tower RTO excelled in its official EPA test after a troubling start. During the first test, two outputs failed on an 120VAC output card, resulting in the failure of two purge dampers to function properly. Even with this, the unit achieved a 98.987% Destruction Rate Efficiency. RHZ quickly found and fixed the problem. This involved wiring and programming. It took RHZ less than an hour to troubleshoot and correct the problem.

The results were impressive, with the 3rd test run proving that the system can operate 40F below its previous combustion chamber temperature set point, while achieving a Destruction Rate Efficiency of 99.46%.

The 40F reduction in combustion chamber temperature reduces gas consumption by over 0.34MCF/Hr, and may result in savings that will exceed 2,145MCF annually.