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Stabilizing thermal oxidizer operation in PSA facilities

Over the past year I've been working on stabilizing thermal oxidizers used in conjunction with a two stage pressure swing adsorption process. PSA is a popular method of refining biogas to create biomethane - a valuable green commodity.
One of the challenges has been handling the fluctuating composition of the PSA effluence to optimize oxidizer operation. PSA volume and membrane pressure can play havoc with waste gas consistency. A change in 20psi may not have much of an impact on PSA effluence in a system operating at only 15% of its capacity, however increase the system to 25% capacity and the 20psi may have a dramatic effect.
There have been various methods brought forth to handle the fluctuating effluence. The vast majority result in increasing the oxidizer's utility consumption. Unfortunately, this viable solution directly impacts a facility's bottom line and is in direct opposition to their needs.
Working with Met-Pro we have found a way to stabilize oxidizer operation while minimizing utility consumption. Over the past year of testing this process has resulted in exceptional oxidizer consistency - allowing the facilities to focus on profits, not problems.

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