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Welcome to RHZ Environmental Controls

RHZ Environmental Controls: The Oxidizer Specialist
We are RHZ Environmental Controls . . . specialists in servicing, maintaining, and repairing Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, and Concentrators. RHZ Environmental Controls can help you operate your pollution abatement equipment in ways that will save you money while improving your operational efficiency. RHZ specializes in the intelligent control and optimization of widely-used pollution abatement systems. RHZ has a well-founded reputation for an extraordinary ability to coax higher efficiencies and shorter down-times out of well used equipment.

We specialize in:
• Regenerative thermal oxidizers
• Recuperative thermal oxidizers
• Catalytic oxidizers
• Concentrators

We handle all aspects of RTO's; from optimizing air flows and balancing sources through preparing equipment for EPA testing.

Our Commitment To Our Customers:

RHZ Environmental Controls is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service. We understand the important role this equipment has in regards to production schedules and will work hand in hand with you to create the ideal solution that will exceed your expectations. Our expertise in gas combustion, hydraulic power, pneumatics, and electrical is matched only by our skilled programming. The programming team has written routines that have become industry standards. Imagine what we can do for you. Our expertise in regenerative thermal oxidizers ensures that you'll be in good hands. Our patent pending processes optimize the operation. Optimizing equipment is not only an option, but for many plants, it is critical to remain viable in this period of economic hardship. RHZ Environmental Controls has proven that it is possible to simultaneously reduce fan speed while adding source capacity. Let RHZ show you how.