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Failing RTO Flies through EPA Test. Agent says, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up!"

RTO Brought Back from the Brink of Failure: Teaching Old Valves some New Tricks

What do 96.1%, 95.7%, 91.15% have in common? They are the average DRE (Destruction Rate Efficiency) of a Durr two-tower RTO over the past three EPA compliance tests dating back to 2010. When RHZ Environmental reviewed the data and inspected valves we knew the unit was in serious trouble. The valves were warped. Proper seating was impossible. RHZ staff discussed the issues and offered the client two options:

The Traditional Approach: Replace the warped valves. This is a tried and true approach. It would correct the problem but at a substantial cost.

The Innovative: Let RHZ Environmental create a customized solution that will improve their current valves' performance at a fraction of the costs.

The client weighed their options and put their trust into RHZ's hands. They hoped we could provide a cost-effective solution to their all-too-common problem.

Successful Media Change Out of a 50KSCFM Durr RTO

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but this one is worth nearly 12,000 blocks of Monolith, which is the number of blocks we handled over the course of the weekend. RHZ performed a media replacement on a 50KSCFM Durr Two-Tower RTO, and the job went so well we finished a day early.

The Results: The RTO's delta-p dropped from 24"WC to 9"WC, the main draft fan's online operating speed dropped from 55Hz to 36Hz, and thermal efficiency now exceeds 95%.

Another Year: Another Record

The First VAM Site in the United States

Keeping equipment properly maintained is crucial to maintaining online operation. This is especially true of remote sites, where an unplanned shutdown has a far greater impact on a company's bottom line. For the past 27 months RHZ has been setting records, generating an average of 270,000 offsets annually. The keys are simple: Planning and Responsiveness 

Planning is Crucial. Paying careful attention to the schedules of multiple contractors and distributors, and coordinating everything results in a minimum of downtime. 

Responsiveness is a must. Regardless of how much detail goes into planning, unforeseen events will occur, whether it's a storm disrupting power, or a cylinder reaching its EOL. Being able to quickly respond is what elevates a company to the next level. It is why we're setting records month after month, and year after year. 

This attention to detail is what defines us.