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Custom Programming - Another RHZ Service

Serial cable for PLC programmingAlthough RHZ Services is well known for our skilled bake-outs and troubleshooting, as well as the application of our patented technologies to improve oxidizer efficiency, we're also gaining a well-earned reputation for custom programming. In the last two months alone, RHZ has been contracted for three custom programming jobs in the commissioning of new emissions abatement automation. One of these solutions is well underway and set to be completed the 1st of December. Another is slated to complete in late December. The third is ongoing and will likely expand to other sites.

Yes, RHZ is proud of our ability to coax new life from well-used equipment, but as you can see from this recent work, we are also eager and well equipped to bring new equipment online. With the most innovative thinking in oxidizer programming in the industry, our customers have begun to realize that using RHZ from the beginning on their expensive pollution abatement systems will guarantee that their capital investments have a long, successful operating life.

Serial connections for PLC programming