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Successful Media Change Out of a 50KSCFM Durr RTO

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but this one is worth nearly 12,000 blocks of Monolith, which is the number of blocks we handled over the course of the weekend. RHZ performed a media replacement on a 50KSCFM Durr Two-Tower RTO, and the job went so well we finished a day early.

The Results: The RTO's delta-p dropped from 24"WC to 9"WC, the main draft fan's online operating speed dropped from 55Hz to 36Hz, and thermal efficiency now exceeds 95%.

During the retrofit we found and resolved an underlying structural issue, repaired a number of hot spots, replaced the valve's tadpole gasket (a previous retrofit designed to add years of viable service to aging valves) and even refined the plc code: completing an unfinished Set Back Idle Mode program a previous company had sold the client; giving the customer a powerful cost-savings routine for free. This late-90s unit is running better than it has in years. This is why I enjoy working on these types of machines: with just a bit of maintenance they can last a very long time.